Ribbon Organization – Using scrap paper


Okay so I was doing some year end cleaning and organizing and came across some ribbon I bought a while ago and apparently forgot I had. A clear indication that I have too much ribbon and scrapbook embellishments in general? No, of course not. You can never have too much ribbon. Who knows when the need for blue ric rac ribbon or red ribbon with little pom poms will arise? I have to be ready… 🙂

There are a lot of ribbon organization ideas out there. There are also a lot of ideas to use or recycle scrapbook paper scraps.  I tend to combine the two thoughts to corral the never ending sea of ribbon I have accumulated over time.



scrapbook paper scrap









Starting with a simple piece of scrap paper like this…



scrapbook paper scraps scraobook paper scraps use

I just cut the paper into strips of paper and I don’t really worry about length and width. You just need enough to wrap around the ribbon once you fold the ribbon back and forth.


ribbon secured with scrapbook paper scrapsribbon secured with scrapbook paper scraps

There you have it. From a pile of unruly goodness, to neatly organized goodness. 😉  I love my scrapbook ribbon. Can you tell?

Once you have them all wrapped, you can store them in pretty decorative bins, in mason jars to display, or in plastic storage bags categorized by color or by theme.

How do you use leftover scrapbook paper scraps? How do you creatively organize your ribbon collection?  I would love to hear from you in the comments, or upload your ideas to Instagram and use hashtag #lacynicoleorg so that I can see your ideas.

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14 thoughts on “Ribbon Organization – Using scrap paper

    1. I actually love the simplicity of this Ikea box because it is neat and clean and I especially like the bright yellow. A sunny pop of color is always fun and inviting. Thanks for sharing. When you do construct your tension curtain rod system, be sure to update me. I’d love to see it.

  1. Ribbon organization is incredibly resourceful! I’ve never through of using scraps like that… You gave a great idea that will come in handy very soon! I’m looking forward to what’s coming up next 🙂

  2. Hi Lacy! The subject is not exactly in my wheelhouse, but I think the idea is great. In my woodworking business I end up with lots of scrap wood and, like you, I try to use everything for some useful purpose. Great job!

  3. Hi LacyNicole – They say the simple ideas are the best ideas. This is certainly true in your post Ribbon Organization – Using scrap paper. Talk about recyling.
    Good job

    1. Thanks Mark. I really like to keep it simple and use up as much as I can in the way of supplies and embellishments. Thank you for stopping by.

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