Paper Scraps Use: Unique Mini Album

scrap paper use unique mini album I enjoy finding ways to use my scrapbook paper scraps and making this accordion mini album was no different.  Paper scraps use is always an awesome way to preserve your budget while transforming those pretty little scraps into something delightful. Lets face it, they are kind of hard to part with.

Since it is a good idea to cut your scraps down to manageable squares (6×6, 5×5, and so on), they are already a perfect size for use in mini albums, cards, tags, book markers, etc.  I especially love it when I can make an entire mini album.

Here are more views:

scrap paper use unique mini album scrap paper use unique mini album

The base of this accordion album is only one sheet of 12 x 12 cardstock cut in half and folded for a total of 5 squares (10 layouts). The middle square has a slight overlap of the two remaining sides which meet to complete the middle square.


scrap paper use unique mini album scrap paper use unique mini album


scrap paper use unique mini album





On this layout, I distressed the three patterned papers with water and then inked the edges for a little added detail.





scrap paper use unique mini album scrap paper use unique mini album



I was inspired by a pin I saw on Pinterest to make a cute holder for my album. Oftentimes when I finish an album I feel like I need someplace to house it, especially if it is a gift album.  Here is a short picture tutorial for what I came up with, with some inspiration from Pinterest:

circle album holder circle album holder circle album holder


If you cut out four circles of the same size and fold in half (I used Cricut cartridge George and Basic Shapes), you can overlap them evenly to create a little package that looks like a present, perfect for housing my mini accordion album.  Just make sure the radius of the circle is slightly larger than your album.  Of course this holder could have all types of uses–it can hold note cards, sticky notes for a teacher’s gift, gift cards, a regular mini album, etc.

What I love most about it is, it is simple and quick and makes a great presentation for a gift album. Take a look:

scrap paper use unique mini album handmade gift album

My accordion album fits perfectly inside and the closed album with a bow looks like a perfect little present. This would make a great gift for any occasion, won’t take a lot of time to make, and you can do it all with scrap paper!


Let me know what you think. I love hearing from you. Also, tell me how you would creatively use the circles!

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2 thoughts on “Paper Scraps Use: Unique Mini Album

    1. Thank you Cara! I enjoyed challenging myself to use one sheet of cardstock with scrapbook paper leftover from a number of other projects. I appreciate you checking it out!

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