7 Fun Uses for Leftover Scrapbook Paper



Using your leftover scrapbook paper is good for your scrapbook budget. How many times have you completed a project and ended up with lots of leftover paper, ribbon, unused letters? Here are 7 fun uses for leftover scrap paper.

1.  Make tags

You can make an entire tag out of the leftover paper or use an existing tag (as shown above) and just ink it in a few places to add interest, create a paper flower with the scraps, and use some leftover ribbon to make a quick bow. Fast, simple, with cute results. Sometimes I make a few tags to use on layouts or other projects later.

2.  Cut out letters

This can be for complete titles or individual letters to create drama on a page along with your journaling. Example: G is for Golf as a title where the G is cut out of scrap paper and the rest of the title is handwritten by you or your designee if you don’t like your own handwriting. I practice on a scrap piece of paper before I write anything on my layout which brings me to number three.

3. Test techniques

Use scrap paper to test out techniques you are unsure of before doing anything on your actual layout. This could be techniques like inking, stamping or simply writing.

4. Mat photos

Seriously, all of your photos don’t have to be neatly  matted with solid cardstock. Why not add a cute patterned border instead.

5. Alter items

altered scrapbook item

Use scrapbook paper to alter items. Wooden letters, signs and other items come alive when you cover them with scrapbook paper and ink them, mod podge and even add additional embellishments.

6. Use for small accents

Use leftover scrapbook paper to make your own pennants, create your own chevron design, cut out small shapes like hexagons or circles. Use it to make photo corners.

7. Use to make larger embellishments

Make paper flowers for larger page layouts. Make pockets for layouts or mini albums. You can also make tabs for the photo mats that you hide in those pockets.

However you decide to use your scraps, have fun making use of your beautiful paper and supplies!

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