3 Craft Items You Should Not Buy

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craft items you should not buy

Although there are probably many items you can think of, these are just 3 craft items you should not buy. You are better off making exactly what you need and saving paper and money.

Large Die-cut packs

Instead of purchasing die-cut packs of 100 pieces, let those deals inspire you to create your own themed packs with your Cricut.  Oftentimes, when we purchase the 100+ packs because it is such a great deal, we end up with 90 pieces leftover that we never use.   In retrospect that 100 piece pack at $4.99 that we justified was such a great deal because it was a nickel a piece for each adorable die cut, title card, journal card, and so on really ends up costing 10 times that.  It is better to just buy the specific pieces we need and avoid the waste.

Deals of the Day

I have purchased quite a few Peachy Cheap and other “deals a day” items but once you add shipping most deals really are too expensive or comparable to your local hobby store.  Also, I have found that there are things included that you don’t need or want, so when you consider your cost per piece/item, you are not really getting your money’s worth.

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Pre-made packs/Grab bags

Again, with pre-select paper packs and grab bags with lots of embellishments, you end up with a lot of paper and embellishments you won’t use. Instead, carefully select and put together your own paper packs and select only the embellishments you need for the project you are shopping for.  You will avoid wasting money and cluttering your craft space with product you don’t use.


If you are like me, you already have a supply of paper with busy patterns that you can’t use.  Busy prints can look whimsical and even cute when cut down to size. So if you have paper that was part of a paper pad or pre-made pack, cut them down to make your own die-cuts. There is nothing better than your own customized embellishments. You have what you need and no waste.


I would love to hear what items you have learned were not such great deals and your advice on what to purchase instead in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “3 Craft Items You Should Not Buy

  1. SO true!! I have so much paper and scrap ‘things’ I have lost track of what I have. I do not even have the time to scrap right now with 6 children 6yrs & under. I do have a cricut and should think more about ‘making’ my embellishments vs buying the pricey packs. Thanks for the idea!

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