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Basic Scrapbooking Tools to get you started

Scrapbooking Basics – the tools needed to get you started

So you have a ton of photos sitting around in boxes or those old magnetic type photo albums.  Maybe you just have them in digital format and want to creative a handmade album.  Whatever your reason for landing on this page, you want to get started with scrapbooking but you are not sure where to begin or want some tips on how to begin.

I am sure you heard it was expensive and time consuming.   You think “where do I begin?” but it can be really simple. The basic scrapbooking tools below will get you started and you can build on your supplies later if you like. You can explore other some of my other posts in the CREATE section for inspiration when you are ready.

  • trimmer

    For starters you will want a 12″ paper trimmer – I use the Fiskar 12″ Sure Cut which has a precision wire for better accuracy. There are many style to choose from. Just choose one you are comfortable with as you will be using it a great deal. One thing I have learned over time is to have two–one for home and one for classes, crops, and scrapbook retreats (yes, there is such a thing as a retreat just for scrapbooking ). That way you never run the risk of leaving your trimmer behind. My second trimmer remains in my “tool kit” and the one for home never leaves the craft space.

  • adhesive

    There are so many types of adhesive available, but for most scrapbook layouts you need a good tape runner that is easy to use and refill. My personal preference is My Stik by Scrapbook Adhesives. Click the image for my full review.

  • paper

    Acid free and lignin free paper and cardstock are important. Acid and lignin cause your photographs to discolor quickly.

  • pens/markers

    Acid free pens and markers if you intend to journal or draw on your layouts

  • embellishments

    This is a broad category. You can use anything from flowers, buttons, movie tickets, receipts from a special event, etc. You might include any keepsake that is special to remember the event or occasion.

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