Paper Scraps Use: Unique Mini Album

scrap paper use unique mini album I enjoy finding ways to use my scrapbook paper scraps and making this accordion mini album was no different.  Paper scraps use is always an awesome way to preserve your budget while transforming those pretty little scraps into something delightful. Lets face it, they are kind of hard to part with.

Since it is a good idea to cut your scraps down to manageable squares (6×6, 5×5, and so on), they are already a perfect size for use in mini albums, cards, tags, book markers, etc.  I especially love it when I can make an entire mini album.

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Smart Gifts for Scrapbookers – Do’s and Don’t’s


Scrapbooking Cupcakes

So it is your favorite scrapbooker’s birthday (or other special day) and you don’t know anything about this scrapbook stuff, right? You just know she loves to craft and would be thrilled to open up a bag or box of scrapbook goodies for her special day.

Take it from me, you are right, but I know you need more to go on because there are so many different tools, adhesives, embellishments, and until you met her you thought a Cricut was just an insect.

Well you are in luck, as I have compiled a list of smart gifts for scrapbookers so that you don’t end up duplicating expensive items or buying things that are really not her style.

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