Smart Gifts for Scrapbookers – Do’s and Don’t’s


Scrapbooking Cupcakes

So it is your favorite scrapbooker’s birthday (or other special day) and you don’t know anything about this scrapbook stuff, right? You just know she loves to craft and would be thrilled to open up a bag or box of scrapbook goodies for her special day.

Take it from me, you are right, but I know you need more to go on because there are so many different tools, adhesives, embellishments, and until you met her you thought a Cricut was just an insect.

Well you are in luck, as I have compiled a list of smart gifts for scrapbookers so that you don’t end up duplicating expensive items or buying things that are really not her style.

Hopefully this will help you to buy a thoughtful gift and save you a lot of time and money and stressing about your choice.



DO purchase gift cards from your local Hobby Lobby, Michael’s or Joann’s

Hobby Lobby Photo

You can’t really go wrong here if there is a store close enough to your scrapbooker.  Each store has so much more than just scrapbook supplies so even if she has a lot of supplies, she will have other options and scrapbookers always need adhesive, however…


DON’T purchase adhesive

Don’t purchase adhesive unless you are 100% sure you know the brand and type she uses. There are so many adhesives on the market and you would need to know the type of tape runner she uses and know the exact refill model for that taper runner.  This item is a staple and each scrapbooker has a brand and style they like. I would avoid this category for gift-giving.


DO purchase gift cards from your neighborhood scrapbook specialty store

No, this is not redundant. I mention this option because scrapbookers often have a favorite local “non-chain” store. It can be a bit more special to receive a gift card from your favorite specialty craft store, and oftentimes they have reward programs so your scrapbooker can shop and earn free product. Bonus. 🙂


DON’T purchase expensive machines and tools

Again, unless you know that you know that you know exactly what they want, don’t go there. Now, this could be a DO if you have researched a Cricut Explorer for example, and the only obvious differences are minor (color, bundles, etc.) then have at it. Personally, if I wanted a limited edition color and my friend or family member got me the standard color I would be ecstatic. So you  have to use your own judgment on that one.

Be careful not to duplicate tools like punches, die-cutting cartridges, and embossing machines and their accessories. Cartridges are hard to purchase unless you know her entire library or you hear her speaking about a specific title.  Same thing with punches and things like that. It is hard to know what basic shapes and sizes they have and if they have been scrapbooking a long time, they will have most of the basics.


DO purchase cardstock and paper pads

Ok, all scrapbookers need paper. Cardstock is great because it is neutral. It is needed to coordinate with patterned paper. Paper pads are great because there is bound to be something in the pad that is liked and therefore useful. Going this route is easier than trying to figure out the latest paper line and figure out which brands/lines she likes.

Last but not least…


DO purchase idea books or magazine subscriptionsscrapbook magazines

I can tell you from personal experience, when I get my craft magazine in the mail, I am like a kid with a new toy. I find a quiet and cozy spot and devour every page. I read it from cover to cover and then read it again. I love, love scrapbook idea books and magazines. One of my personal favorites for idea books is Scrapbook Trends by Northridge Publishing. They have been redesigned as a digital magazine and they offer a monthly subscription.

The great thing about idea books and magazines is the up-to-date information on trends, new tools, and new techniques. Scrapbookers love this.

I’d love to hear what gift ideas worked for  you, in the comments below. Happy shopping!




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12 thoughts on “Smart Gifts for Scrapbookers – Do’s and Don’t’s

  1. I have read so many articles or reviews concerning the scrapbook gifts but this
    article is really a nice article, keep it up.

    1. Thank you. I have had so much many friends ask me what to buy for their friends who enjoy papercrafting. With all of the products on the market, if you are not really into crafting yourself, you often are at a loss when it comes to purchasing a gift in this area.

  2. I know a few scrapbookers and I always appreciate what they do. I am glad I reviewed this list as I could have very easily seen where I would have done some don’ts! Thanks for the heads up.

  3. These tips are great! I will definitely have them in mind. Sometimes you want to impress with big gifts but normally small interesting ones are better.

  4. I have so many scrapbook supplies and yet I am always sure there is something else that will make my life easier. I have added you site to my favorites tab and am going to encourage my husband to take a look at your Smart Gifts page. Thanks Robin

  5. Love this- my daughter has become interested in crafts lately so this will be helpful to us. She has started drawing so we can make her a book of her drawings. 🙂 Thank you Keep up the good work.

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