Your Favorite Scrapbook Expert is Coming and Their Class Costs What??

Your Favorite Scrapbook Expert is Coming and Their Class Costs What

So you were just notified that your favorite scrapbook expert is coming and their class costs what??  Have you noticed that the cost to attend workshops taught by some industry leaders is ever increasing.  I have never been one to be star struck or awestruck over anyone, however there are certain scrapbook experts that have techniques and styles I enjoy.   The inclination to register for the class would have to be within reason regardless. I know the “within reason” is different for everyone.

Whatever the cost for the workshop or class, there are some things to consider.  Like, what is the class really worth? I have to ask myself, am I paying $$ or $$$ because of the expert teaching the class or does the project really interest me?

Top reasons for signing up for a class:

  1. The promise of a project I am really interested in completing–This means I am going to use it personally or I have someone I intend to gift the final project to.
  2.  They are teaching a technique I really want to learn–This can be new or just something I have been wanting to get better at and by attending I feel I have a greater chance of really learning and retaining the technique. Granted the retaining part means I will take the knowledge and practice beyond the class.

While there are other benefits like fellowship with other crafters,  discounted materials during the class time (who doesn’t love a good sale), and for some, meeting the instructor, for me these can’t be my main motivations.

Excuses I have used in the past

  • It is just so cute, I am sure I will use it at some point
  • I work everyday, so I deserve this time to relax and let my creative juices flow (by creative juices I mean gesso, mod podge, inks, paints, etc.)
  • If I don’t go to a class I won’t know the latest techniques and hot new trends

Alternatives to Consider

  • Demos – I have learned new techniques at live demonstrations at scrapbook conferences. I was able to take the project home as well as the products used at a discount for participating in the demonstrations.
  • Make-and-Takes – I have participated in Make-and-Takes at garage sales or special events at my local craft stores. These have always showcased a new product, technique, or line. Sometimes it has been all of the above.  They are usually a bit longer than a demo. You make the project and take it with you, thus the name, which is great way to learn a new technique and take what you just learned away with you.
  • YouTube – Chances are your favorite scrapbook expert has a channel and while they may not be teaching the specific class you saw advertised at $$$, eventually it will make it’s way there and you can still stay on the cutting edge and be in the know with lots of free short video tutorials.  Although there are numerous channels I subscribe to, I oftentimes go in and just search under a very broad term like “scrapbook mini album” or “scrapbook” just to see what’s new.
  • Groups – Join on-line craft groups and forums. Facebook has niche groups. Just be careful to read the rules before joining and remember to abide by them so that everyone can enjoy the group.
  • Meetups – Join (or create) a scrapbook meetup in your area and learn and be inspired by other crafters.
  • Other crafters – get together with some friends who have different crafting styles and see what each one has learned over the past few months. Share ideas and techniques.

For further consideration

Scrapbook Retreats are a great option to learn new techniques from other crafters. To get together with friends or new friends and share inspiration.  Now I realize this seems more expensive than a workshop on the surface, but you are combining a vacation with crafting time so you are getting more value over a longer period of time.  You don’t have to pack up and leave after a few hours.

So go ahead. Get together with some of your favorite scrapbook experts that are already in your circle, and go on a scrapbook retreat.   They are great. They setup large tables and comfy chairs so that you have plenty of room for creating. If you have enough people, in some cases, you can rent a house. If you have a small group, you will get to meet some new paper crafters. Be sure to check out my related post about tips for packing/preparing for a retreat.  I love scrapbook retreats because of the great opportunity to meet other crafters. I always enjoy seeing what they are working on and sharing ideas.  Once I got myself better organized, I was getting a lot more done. More importantly, I always have fun and come away with new tips and ideas.

How about you? What do you look for before signing up for a scrapbook class when you find out a scrapbook expert is coming to your local craft store to teach a workshop?

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